Joke's On You

22. Apríl / 20:00 / KC Dunaj 

Another night of laughs and fun with Joke's On You.
Joke's On You are comedians, writers and performers from all over the world. New English stand-up comedy show introducing Sia and his mates.
The gates will open at 8:00 PM and the show starts at 8:30 PM. The tickets will be 5Eur.
Matej Makovicky
Reginald Barris
Monika Ben
Walid Azak
Vladimir Mikulas
[Reginald Barris]
Reginald Bärris Comedy is an American stand-up comedian based in Vienna, Austria. He has performed in 8 countries across Europe and is one of the most prominent English-speaking comedians in Austria. Bärris regularly hosts and organizes comedy events in Vienna and has gained media attention for his contributions toward developing the city's English comedy scene. His comedic style often blends cynicism and silliness, while offering a unique perspective on race, patriotism, and the state of the world at large.
[Matej Makovický]
It doesn't really matter Matej was born in 1991 in Žilina, Slovakia and has a degree in sociology from Masaryk University in Brno. It doesn't matter that he works in marketing and does music journalism. What does matter is that he started his standup path in spring 2016 and has been performing in both Slovak and English ever since. Matej tries to mix humour with biting social commentary which can be bleak, angry, but usually turns out sarcastic. He is no stranger to self-deprecation, either - he takes jabs at himself just as often as he rants about social conventions, relationships, or corporate jobs. This approach seems to be working, as he has performed in Bratislava, as well as Brno and Vienna, where he even headlined the Kram-Lachen show in January 2017.
Video (in Slovak):
Regular at: Joke's On You (in English) / Comedy Dungeon (Slovak) / SILNÉ REČI stand-up comedy show (Slovak - since April 2017)
Performed at: Kram-Lachen (Vienna, English), Spot, Please! (Vienna, English)
[Vladimír Mikuláš]
Vladimír Mikuláš is a Slovak native, born and bred in Bratislava. Having studied Philosophy in university, Vladimir's degree has left him asking one question: "Why?" This single question burning in his heart, has sparked a comedic style that is full of bitter rants that terrifically tears apart even the most asinine of topics! Alongside his english pursuits in Joke´s on You, Vladimir is also currently part of Comedy Dungeon crew, the geekiest stand up in Slovakia, so he´s a bit of a nerd.
[Monika Ben]
This girl is another English speaking Slovak girl and a great addition to our team. Don't let her tiny figure and high pitched voice fool you for a second, as she's got some pretty real experiences to talk about.
You can see her perform in this video:
[Walid Azak ]
Walid Azak is a stand up comedian, actor and rapper (also known as Weiza from the band Mizgebonez). Born in Tunisia, from a french mother and tunisian father, he spent his youth in France and Germany and is now living in Austria. His first stand-up performance was in September 2013 on the occasion of Mizgebonez "Fitness Training" video release. Since he won the Open House contest in the Theater am Alsergrund (Vienna) in December 2014, he has been performing in mixed shows as well as his own one man show "CHAKCHOUKA" on a regular basis in various locations such as: Kulisse, Vindobona, AERA, Schauspielhaus. He also performs on a regular basis in popular mixed shows such as "How to Laugh in English" , "Jokes on You", "Vienna Chuckles" in Vienna, Bratislava and Prague. Walid took part in the 2016 Laugh Factory Funniest Person in the World Competition. His authenticity, extravagance, energy, musicality, acting skills, cultural wealth and of course his irresistible french accent have conquered every audience. Walid Azak, a name to remember!
Katarina goes by Vrana. Shes born in Sweden and raised all over the place, though she feels kind of Czechoslovak at heart. It was never her intention to do stand up comedy. She just wanted to be a part of the cool kids' support group.
Podujatie sa uskutoční v rámci 12. ročník festivalu [fjúžn].